Friday, January 23, 2015

Two Presentations in One Week

Our Sweetie completed his 3rd grade Heroes Report this year.  Just like his older brother did three years ago.  And just like his older brother, Our Sweetie chose his great grandfather, Max Wendell Carver as his hero.

I cannot express enough how it thrilled me to learn that Our Sweetie was the only one in the entire 3rd grade to chose a relative as his hero.  

Behold... the power of family history.   

The Heroes Reports were on Thursday.  Friday was the Science Fair.

Enter Our Big Guy... 

I have to confess that I wasn't in the loop on what exactly Our Big Guy was planning for the Science Fair.  I helped him with some data and charts on Excel, but I had no idea where it was all leading.  Welcome to Junior High and parental involvement.  

He and his team (Becca and Ariana) tested the acidity levels of various spots around town.  Our backyard.  The school.  Turns out the swampiest places held the greatest acidic levels - meaning it's the most healthy.  

His report didn't win any awards to allow him advancement.  But he's already got serious plans for next year... 

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