Thursday, January 1, 2015

Some Things I Missed...

These events were definitely worthy of a blog post, but for whatever reason, they slid through the cracks.

#1 - The Ghost Tour

One of the fascinating facts about my work is that my campus is haunted.  Seriously.  I'm not kidding about this one.  There are a few buildings - especially a particular basement - that I won't venture into alone (and even then I'm cautious).  I've never seen anything myself.  But this past year I've become quite popular with my brood of nieces and nephews because I can scare them to death with stories around a campfire.  

The delightful caveat about these haunted buildings is my Superintendent.  He's a historical guru and every October he gives "Ghost Tours" of the campus.  The tours are limited to 8 people.  You can only bring 1 guest.  And you must bring a flashlight.  

It was extremely awesome!  

#2 - Inspirations  

I can't believe I forgot to record this!  

This year Our Big Guy and Our Sweetie wrote a duet on the piano and won 1st place in the Inspirations Contest at school.  I was super proud of them!  The sad news is the rules will not allow them to advance together.  Apparently only 1 of them can take credit for the duet and advance to Regionals.  Makes no sense whatsoever and we're all contemplating withdrawing in protest...

Pretty Girl also entered with a painting and got a ribbon for participation.  She was pleased as punch! 

#3 - Undiscovered Talents

I'm not sure what prompted this, but around the end of September our Our Big Guy took up cross stitch.    

And if that didn't get his creative juices flowing enough, he took 3rd place in his middle school's "Ugly Christmas Sweater" contest with this marvelous assemblage of Christmas riffraff.  I'm wondering if a designer career is on the horizon... 

#4 - Days Off

We had a few scattered days off of school.  And we tried to make the most of them.

#5 - New Tires

While inflating my tires for an afternoon ride, I was lucky enough that Greg noticed this bulbous tumor nearly popping through my back tire.  $100 later... I now have new tires. And the worst part is that the new tires look EXACTLY THE SAME as the old tires.  

Crossing my fingers they give me another 5 years...

#6 - Lucky Sunday Afternoons 

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