Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"On Pleasure-Bent Again" - Mr. Bennett

So Greg and I got away for a few days... (sans children)

We flew to San Diego.  

Apparently Sea World in December is off the radar for most people.  Because Greg and I nearly had the entire lovely place to ourselves.  I think we went on Manta at least a dozen times (mostly in the front seat).  Greg teased me later for bringing tuna in my backpack for lunch...

Our itinerary was simplistically divine.  Every morning we took a long walk (I forgot my running shoes so I walked in my Keds), followed by breakfast.  

(I normally don't take pictures of my food, but what the hey!  These were rare uninterrupted meals!!). 

Lap swimming followed breakfast and then reading by the pool for a few hours.  Naps after lunch.  We went shopping nowhere in particular - just thrilled to be browsing without lots of little voices.  A few choice meals from Trader Joe's.  We had a rainy afternoon that felt wonderful!  And at night we cooked dinner together while catching up on our favorite episodes of Arrow on Netflix. 

I love being married!!


Britt said...

Jealous beyond jealous! ;) Sounds wonderful!

Jen T said...

I wondered where you went when I saw your post of facebook. Sounds divine! Being married is the best! So glad you got to get away!!!