Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Current Daydream Becomes Reality

My cell phone started ringing in the middle of my morning meeting today...

(It's the school.  Which kid is it?  Did I miss something?  Are they sick?  Are they hurt?)

"Mrs. McKinnon, we're calling about your oldest son."

(My oldest son??  Sigh!  I'll bet it was that stupid Trevor kid.  Maybe we should tell him not to play soccer during recess anymore.  Dang it, now I gotta think about consequences.  How soon can I get out of this meeting?)

"Actually, we're calling to tell you that this month he's made the 200 Club."

"Oh... Um..." (What the heck is the 200 Club?)

"We wanted to call and tell you the good news."

"So this is good?"


"You mean... you're actually calling to tell me my child did something GOOD at school?"



"Mrs. McKinnon??" 


Britt said...

So what's the 200 club?

Rachael said...

I'm still trying to figure it out myself. Apparently it's something of a lottery for free dress days, homework passes, etc. - but the student must be nominated by a teacher and they only pick the top 200 kids in the middle school - which is another oddity because I think there are only 225 students in the entire middle school (6th-8th). My Big Guy was pleased as punch, but also rather dismissive. I was still on Cloud 9 from the phone call :)