Monday, October 13, 2014

The Little Things

I turned 38 yesterday. 

Greg and I are now the same age again - which means starting today until next July I will forget how old I am.  This happens every year.  I have too much to keep track of to remember my age anymore.  Sometimes I have to pull up Excel and do a quick calculation.  Seriously.  Lame.  But I'm not going to bother about it

If I stretch my brain, I can almost remember the presents.  All of them thoughtful and considerate.  On the other hand, I can very quickly recall the following -

1. My kids made me breakfast in bed.

2. My sweet husband made me dinner & cake AND cleaned up the kitchen!! 

3. I got a late-night text from my brother that made me smile and laugh.

4. My cousin threw Hugh Jackman at me...again.

5. A girlfriend and former coworker at the BYU Church History Department reminded me why we both love Sherlock.

6. Lea sent me a sweet email (while she was on vacation!!)

7. The team I work with told me they're changing Café Rio day from Wednesday to Tuesday so they can celebrate with me. (I don't work on Wed)

8. My Dad sent me a note that made me cry - and left me kneeling longer this morning on my knees in prayerful gratitude.

**These are the precious things worth growing old for.  Worth remembering.

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