Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Zion's Subway

This was our second time through the Subway - and it was just as exciting, just as thrilling and just as amazing as the first! 

I realized this time around how much this place zaps your strength, regardless of fitness levels.  It's all about the cold.  Hiking through a sunless slot canyon with sopping, ice cold clothes makes limbs shake and slow down.  It's 11 miles of intense hot and cold temperatures, rappelling, water over your head, sharp rocks, narrow cliffs, sand filled shoes, slippery surfaces and a steep, vertical ascent out of the canyon.

Oh yeah...

This time around I tried to go slower and absorb the view.  It is so beautiful.  I am constantly amazed that I am blessed to witness landscape that is otherwise hidden to the rest of the world.  What a great place to hike with my family! 

And PS - Next time I'm taking my two oldest boys.  They'll be ready.   

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Lea said...

awesome!!! We so have to do this with you guys someday. Great pics and I'm wondering if you felt better prepared for the whole adventure the 2nd time around, or if it still caught you by surprise - the cold, the wet, the endurance....