Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Bronze Bow and Our Big Guy

Our Big Guy is in the middle of reading Elizabeth George Speare's The Bronze Bow.  And I've kind of been on Cloud 9 since.  The first time I read this book was in 6th grade - just like him.

If I could list my Top 5 books - The Bronze Bow would be #5.   

Our discussions these past few weeks have been wonderful!  And I have watched with delight as Our Big Guy's eyes have lit up with enlightened understanding after each chapter. 

Paragraphs like the following are very dear to me -  

"At night Jesus too looked weary.  His brilliant flashing eyes were dark with pity.  Yet he never turned away, never refused to speak to them.  While he talked, they all forgot for a while.  You could see their faces, turned upward to the light that streamed from the open door.  And you could see that his words touched their minds and hearts like some healing ointment, and that the scars on their spirits that came from being beaten and kicked and turned away all day long, lost their smart and for a short time did not matter.  Often a man's body was healed, and he leaped up, full of strength; and then a new hope coursed through them all." -pg 164-

Maybe Mrs. Speare was like Handel and heard a chorus of angels singing while she wrote - or maybe it was a small presence that whispered to her about certain circumstances.  Either way, I find Speare's descriptions of the Savior to be some of the most direct, truthful and moving passages in literature.  This is realism in ancient Judea - with all its anger, corruption, sweat and poverty.  And into this picture steps this unexplained, miraculous, compassionate God. 
Even those who didn't believe the Savior - those who were skeptics and fought against it - they couldn't deny the inscrutable sense of peace when he was near.  This burning push of light inside to become something better.  To follow Him.
Just like me and Our Big Guy. 

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