Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer 2014, Week 5

#1 - Field Trip - Utah State Capitol & lessons about the three branches of government. 

(During the last legislative session, I discovered the delicious cafeteria up on the hill.  I've been waiting months to take the troops.  And of course, no visit to downtown SLC is complete without stopping for frozen yogurt at my favorite spot - Luna Berry.  If you go, get pistachio - heaven!) 

#2 - Science Project - Alien Eggs (testing calcium carbonate properties)

(This was a hard one.  It took five days with various steps in between to complete.  And then we lost 3 of the 4 eggs.  Bleh.)

#3 - Hike - Albion Basin. 

#4 - And then we did a little of this... (This was a crazy week.  Many wonderful reunions, fireworks, BBQs, parades and a few tennis lessons.)

From the script of my clever cousin, Kelly...

 "After struggling through the untimely deaths of her husband and two of her three children, our Grandma Hoopes turned her focus to her eleven grandchildren. She planned family lunches, dinner and vacations, opened up her home, pantry and toilet paper supplies to sleepovers/toilet-papering-nights, she shared our good news and our sad, all with the hope of having her grandchildren be close to one another. Well Grandma, here we are!"

(Missing Drew, Jessica & Jordan)


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Britt said...

Love the photo of you and Pretty Girl! And Yay! You got the trampoline fixed!