Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer 2014 - Week 1 1/2

School got out this year on a Wednesday, which gave us a few extra days of play.  Of course, playtime always comes after the daily, morning summer essentials...

#1 - Field Trip - Hill Aerospace Museum & lunch at Maddox

#2 - Science Project - Soap Clouds & Making Individual Soaps (plus one of my old Harvard business cases on Procter and Gamble)

The soap clouds are perfect on their own - brittle on the outside and squishy underneath.  Our Bubbs opted to take a bath with his.  The older three kids decided to finish the experiment and make their own soaps.


#3 - Hike - Temple Quarry Trail (warm up)

#4 - And then we did a little of this... (Cub Scout camp for Our Sweetie, signed up for the summer library reading program and we made these and these.)


Erin said...

We eat our Maddox on the tabernacle lawn too. :)

Jen T said...

My DeeDee and Grum used to take us to Maddox. Good times. Love your summer activities! Those recipes look great too!