Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Little Red Ridding Hood - On Top of the World!

These pictures are best viewed while listening to my theme song for this race... (also My Big Guy's favorite band).

Little Red Ridding Hood... AT LAST!!!

Years and years of waiting to do this... (because Bubbs didn't want to be carried in-utero over 100 miles of northern Utah and southern Idaho).
My theme song was especially poignant at Mile 56 - the point where I climbed to the highest altitude of the race and stretched below me was the entire landscape of Cache Valley.  It was extremely cool!  It was so awesome!!  And there was a killer victory ride down the other side.
Yeah... I was kind of doing a little happy dance on my bike.




Lea said...

woo-hoo is RIGHT!! you go GIRL!!! so happy you got to go... next time, I shall join the fun. ;-)

Jen T said...

Way to go for you! You are amazing!! Love the theme song!!!