Thursday, May 15, 2014


Book? - The Water Horse by Dick King Smith

Song? - Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Scripture? - Genesis 18:2-19

Poem? - The Babysitter by Shel Silverstein

Motto? - "I fight for truth"

Ambition? - Inventor

College? - BYU

Mission? - Philippines or South America

I love recording my children's favorites categories of self expression at designated intervals.  I love noting the change and the growth. But I definitely do not love the fact that my oldest (this adorable, cutest young man) will be in Jr. High in 2 more weeks.

Good grief, no!!! 

I had a serious talk with him a month ago and told him he needs to stop growing.  I'm happy to stop serving vegetables.  No more apples.  We'll even cut out the physical activities.     

He only laughed and ran outside to play football with his brother... 

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