Monday, May 12, 2014

By Comparison

When it comes to publishing and announcing, it's all about the placement.

Not so much the content.

Because when all is said and done, everything can appear good.  It really boils down to the story in front of you and sometimes the one that follows.

Case in point...

These three students completed outstanding acts of kindness and service for their Golden Rule Projects. Cameron packed and delivered 48 sack lunches to the Homeless downtown, Pioneer Park and Freeway Exists. He said, "It made me feel happy and good inside." The homeless were grateful. Hope collected more than 30 children's costumes and spent half the money in her piggy bank to buy candy. She gave the costumes and candy to the Road Home so they could throw a party for the kids in the shelter and they could have Halloween too. "It made me feel so sad that the children could not afford to have the same things I do like candy and costumes." And Andrew cleaned out the chicken cages for his neighbors. He said he actually enjoyed it because he loves chickens but it was hard cleaning the waste off the ground. He had to use cooperation and thinker profiles and attitudes to accomplish his task. Great job you three!!! 

Yes... we're SO glad Our Sweetie's story was highlighted right after these two.

Because honestly, it was an amazing service project!  Our neighbor was out of town for a week and had asked my kids to feed his chickens.  My kids decided to clean out the cage to surprise him before he returned.  And our neighbor was delighted!  The kids loved it - and felt wonderful about their work.

But when you place my son next to 48 sack lunches and 30 children's costumes...


You get the idea. 

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