Saturday, February 8, 2014

Inspirations Contest

This year I tried to encourage my kids to craft art projects around the "less popular" categories. The percentage of entries in categories such as Plays and Poetry is so low that chances of winning skyrocket. 


I have yet to sell my children on the brilliance of Shakespeare. 

Nevertheless, they did branch out.  Our Big Guy chose Graphic Arts (Minecraft creation) and Our Sweetie did 3-D Arts (Lego creation).  Our Pretty Girl was too impatient to create something original.  And Bubbs did his best to sabotage all the other entries so his brothers would win...

Surprise of all surprises! - Our Big Guy scored second place!  Which means he's advancing to regionals.  Who knew so much time playing Minecraft would pay off??   


Jen T said...

They are pretty creative kids! My kids aren't Shakespeare fans yet either ;)

Esther Sumner said...

How could he NOT win with a clever take on Minecraft. Maybe Pretty Girl will follow in her mom's footsteps and appreciate Language Arts when she's a bit older :)