Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Calm Down

A couple months ago Our Sweetie accidently stabbed his upper lip.

Yes, stabbed.

He was walking across my freshly mopped floor with a pair of scissors for a craft project on the other side of the room.  He fell forward and the scissors punctured the skin below his right nostril and above his upper lip.  In two places.  One for each blade. 

Yes, I freaked out.  Yes, I cried.

While Greg stayed back with the rest of the kids, I drove Our Sweetie to his pediatrician’s office – who was thankfully keeping late hours.  And in my typical, calm fashion, I had a small meltdown on the way there.  The sad part was I started mentally reprimanding God.

This is the last thing we need right now.

Do you know what kind of year we’ve had?

Don’t you understand what our situation is?!

Don’t you care?!  Aren’t you supposed to care?

WHERE are you!!!???

And then came my reprimand.  While glancing helplessly over at my son who was holding a bloody cloth to his lip, a clear voice came right into my brain and said –

“Rachael… it wasn't his eye.”

Before I could really ponder what had just occurred, my cell phone rang. 

It was Greg.

“Hey Rach, I just had a thought.  Do you realize it could have been his eye?”



Jen T said...

The Lord works in mysterious ways, huh? So glad it wasn't worse and glad you were blessed with that assurance also. Take care! Stay strong! Love you!

Esther Sumner said...

Ok Rachael, that was a crazy story. He wasn't even running with his scissors, poor kid. I love how you ended this story, though; what a great reminder to look beyond the obvious. I hope his lip is healing nicely.

My nephew bashed his lip open falling on a brick fireplace on Christmas Eve this year. He is ... 4? Ahhhhh.

Jessica Brown said...

It's so hard to see the Lord's hand in those hard moments. I'm impressed that you were able to see it so quickly. I usually don't see it until the whole event has blown over and my emotions calm down. I'm so glad it wasn't his eye.