Thursday, January 23, 2014

Great Southern Land

Every time we visit our family home in St. George, we try to explore something new we haven't done before.  This time it was Silver Reef and Snow Canyon.

Silver Reef is an old mining ghost town north of St. George.  To be honest, I wasn't too impressed and was almost regretting going until Our Big Guy stumbled upon the valley ruins of the mine operation.  (You have to walk west of the ghost town about 1/2 a mile).  The kids were fascinated - it reminded us of the abandoned Scofield mining town we hiked through 3 years ago.  We spent the rest of the morning going through the valley ruins. 

But our favorite spot this time was Snow Canyon.  And what a gem of a state park!  Small by comparison, but absolutely beautiful.  And surprisingly, Our Bubbs was a trooper and only had one breakdown during the hikes.  We ate lunch at the sand dunes.   

(side note:  I love this picture of Our Big Guy!  The dark blue against his complexion, the sun in the background, the red of the rocks... yeah.)

This trip reminded me of how proud I am of Our Pretty Girl.  We all remember not too long ago when even the most simplest of hikes would produce outrageous wailings and gnashing of teeth. 

No longer. 

Pretty Girl is now a confident, capable little hiker who is amazingly stable and steady on her feet.  Not bad for a six-year old.   


And then of course, we saved time for the basics... (esp. time to try out Mom's new bike pump - yay!)


Lea said...

ahhhh, warmth.. I can pretend I can feel it. And go PRETTY GIRL!! Way to become a hiker! Looks like an awesome trip!

Jen T said...

What a fun trip! you train your kids well!! :)

Esther Sumner said...

Rachael, we have a family home in St.George, too. How fun would it be to run into you there. We used go twice annually to mountain bike - there are ammmmmaazing trails there ... but we always like to visit Snow Canyon too, so it was fun to see you discovering the beauty of the park.