Monday, January 27, 2014

A Friend Like You

For sweet, wonderful, amazing Greg.

Who was low today after feeling the 6yr old wrath of Our Pretty Girl telling him she wanted Mom more than Dad. (see second verse)

I like the way you're not afraid.
You've got the world planned in your mind.
People say you cannot do it.
But they don't know a friend like you.

The girl you love has gone away.
Still too young to know her heart.
She'll return her love renewed
Cause she'll never find a friend like you.

When I had no one to call.
All the world had shut me down.
I showed up at your door so blue.
Thank God I had a friend like you.

Many times I've gone without.
A home, a meal, a pair of shoes
If you had three, you'd give me two.
There ain't no other friend like you.

- Joshua Radin, Friend Like You -

1 comment:

kj said...

I love this song! THank you for sharing it. Very sweet.