Monday, January 27, 2014

A Friend Like You

For sweet, wonderful, amazing Greg.

Who was low today after feeling the 6yr old wrath of Our Pretty Girl telling him she wanted Mom more than Dad. (see second verse)

I like the way you're not afraid.
You've got the world planned in your mind.
People say you cannot do it.
But they don't know a friend like you.

The girl you love has gone away.
Still too young to know her heart.
She'll return her love renewed
Cause she'll never find a friend like you.

When I had no one to call.
All the world had shut me down.
I showed up at your door so blue.
Thank God I had a friend like you.

Many times I've gone without.
A home, a meal, a pair of shoes
If you had three, you'd give me two.
There ain't no other friend like you.

- Joshua Radin, Friend Like You -

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Great Southern Land

Every time we visit our family home in St. George, we try to explore something new we haven't done before.  This time it was Silver Reef and Snow Canyon.

Silver Reef is an old mining ghost town north of St. George.  To be honest, I wasn't too impressed and was almost regretting going until Our Big Guy stumbled upon the valley ruins of the mine operation.  (You have to walk west of the ghost town about 1/2 a mile).  The kids were fascinated - it reminded us of the abandoned Scofield mining town we hiked through 3 years ago.  We spent the rest of the morning going through the valley ruins. 

But our favorite spot this time was Snow Canyon.  And what a gem of a state park!  Small by comparison, but absolutely beautiful.  And surprisingly, Our Bubbs was a trooper and only had one breakdown during the hikes.  We ate lunch at the sand dunes.   

(side note:  I love this picture of Our Big Guy!  The dark blue against his complexion, the sun in the background, the red of the rocks... yeah.)

This trip reminded me of how proud I am of Our Pretty Girl.  We all remember not too long ago when even the most simplest of hikes would produce outrageous wailings and gnashing of teeth. 

No longer. 

Pretty Girl is now a confident, capable little hiker who is amazingly stable and steady on her feet.  Not bad for a six-year old.   


And then of course, we saved time for the basics... (esp. time to try out Mom's new bike pump - yay!)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Occasionally There Is Peace...

...not all the time.  But sometimes we get lucky.

Friday, January 3, 2014

The City by the Bay

Visiting San Francisco with my parents is *in my view* the best way to visit San Francisco.  My Mom grew up here - surrounded by the Beatnik movement of the early 60s.  And my Dad spent most of the 70s at medical school with the University of California. 

With them in this city, you will never get lost and you get a history lesson at every street corner.

The BYU Bowl game was just an excuse... really. 

My Mom was a saint and stayed up until the midnight hours knitting away at the blue beanies for each of the four oldest grandsons.  It made keeping track of them in downtown San Francisco so much easier!

Truly, I didn't care that BYU lost (Greg cared).  On the contrary, it was absolutely delightful to be on vacation with my husband and my two oldest boys.  The highlight was watching my sons experience the city for the first time.  Their enthusiasm made everything seem new again.

The second best thing about the trip was being there with my two brothers and their wives.  We had 2 days - and my parents made sure to cram every hour to it's fullest.  Lots of walking and lots of activity.  We were lucky to have bright, sunny weather - no fog, no rain - perfect!

The city was packed. 

It could have been the Bowl Game or just the holiday weekend, but it took us almost an hour to get half-way up Lombard St - much to the delight and mirth of my siblings.  We spent many hours bent over laughing in our 12-person white van while my poor Dad nearly killed half a dozen people barreling down the tiny, narrow streets of San Francisco. 

Lots and lots of silent prayers.  Please don't let Dad hit anything...

**Notice the palm trees?  Yep - they're still there.  Rounded sidewalk and benches are unfortunately gone. 

Chinatown was one of our favorite spots - though we didn't get a lot of pictures.  We spent several hours roaming up and down the streets and then had dinner at a Zagat-rated noodle spot.  Zagat-rated because otherwise Greg wouldn't have stepped foot inside the door...

None of us wanted to get up the last morning...

And then there was Pretty Girl... who got over not being included in the trip when she saw the spoils we brought home for her.