Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Next Mr. Walt Whitman...

My favorite part of this little piece from Our Sweetie was the ending...

Once there was a storm.
It blew out all the corn.
But I was safe on my
porch eating my food with
a fork.

- A. McKinnon, 2013 -

Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Birthday!!

I asked each of the kids what their favorite thing about Mom was, and while it was hard to choose, and on some I literally said “seriously?”, here they are... 

BIG GUY - "Mom takes us on awesome summer field trips and helps us do experiments."

SWEETIE - "She loves me."

PRETTY GIRL - "She shares her lotion and makeup."



ME -
My favorite things about her are her quirks.  These include misquoted sayings, the fluttering opposing eyelid when she does her eyelashes, the way she sucks on Jolly Ranchers, and most recently discovered, her very apparent emotions while reading, switching from intense stares to a subtle, and sometimes not so subtle smile.  And mostly her surprise when she sees me watching.

The one thing we all agree on, she is priceless.  Happy birthday sweetheart.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

"There is no fence nor hedge around time that is gone. You can go back and have what you like of it, if you can remember. So I can close my eyes on my valley as it is today, and it is gone, and I see it as it was when I was a boy. Green it was, and possessed of the plenty of the Earth... Everything I ever learned as a small boy came from my father and I never found anything he ever told me to be wrong or worthless. The simple lessons he taught me are as sharp and clear in my mind as if I had heard them only yesterday."

- How Green Was My Valley, Richard Llewellyn -