Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Greg and Rush

There was a time... long long ago... when my darling husband could talk for hours about his all-time favorite band, Rush. He idolized Geddy Lee, was fascinated with Alex Lifeson and sometimes I think he truly wanted to be Neil Peart.

And then there was that whole Rush concert where I got drunk and he let me pass out on his shoulder... but that's another story.

Thankfully his tastes in conversation have evolved.

But deep down inside... he's still a die-hard Rush man. That's why this commercial is all about him. Tape a small camera into Greg's FJ and this is what you'd eventually get.

(PS - Hey Greg, it's a quarter to eight....)


Jen T said...

Love it! I can see Greg doing that :)

Anonymous said...

Those were the days. I was an awkward kid soooo in love, and all I dared talk with you about was Rush. It's a wonder that you stuck with me. :)

Unknown said...

Love Rush!