Friday, January 6, 2012

#83 of the Bad Mom's List

Have you seen this stuff?

It's primo, liquid chocolate heaven!

My blessed, blessed parents had 3 canisters left over from "neighborhood gifts" and subsequently (as an afterthought) gave one to me and my brothers for Christmas.

They had no idea I'd been secretly salivating every week at Costco as I walked by the display. Deep down I really really really wanted one - but could never justify the price. Really.

And now I hoard it as my own secret stash and I cant let my kids see it! On cold days, I'm pulling out the Great Value hot chocolate tub while hiding the attractive, silver Starbucks canister in the back.

What's that cool-looking can Mom?

"Oh...that? Um...I think it's flour. The wheat kind. The kind you don't like."

Oh, yeah. That was awful. Never make that bread again Mom.

"You got it."