Friday, November 23, 2012

The Crazies

We're not really sure how this all happened... 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Greg and Rush

There was a time... long long ago... when my darling husband could talk for hours about his all-time favorite band, Rush. He idolized Geddy Lee, was fascinated with Alex Lifeson and sometimes I think he truly wanted to be Neil Peart.

And then there was that whole Rush concert where I got drunk and he let me pass out on his shoulder... but that's another story.

Thankfully his tastes in conversation have evolved.

But deep down inside... he's still a die-hard Rush man. That's why this commercial is all about him. Tape a small camera into Greg's FJ and this is what you'd eventually get.

(PS - Hey Greg, it's a quarter to eight....)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Goal #126 - Les Miserables

It's official. I have been reborn and see the light once again. I must find a way next year to read the abridged version of Les Miserables to my children and get them familiar with it!

We'll start with the music.

And then possibly the movie.

Personally, I have always struggled with Fantine.  I have little energy for individuals who keep making bad decisions after bad decisions, etc. etc. etc. and then get to the end and exclaim their astonishment that life didn't work out as they planned.  A lesson that is never, ever learned - to the detriment of generations to follow.   

So it is with humble heart that I thank a wise cousin who reminded me of Hugo's deeper meaning.  That even if redeeming qualities can never be found within the person, it is often someone else's sincere empathy for the individual that becomes the saving characteristic.  Because the better person can see something that I don't & that in itself can be the salvaging trait.  Overwhelming Christ-like imagery.

Therefore, while we study this story I will try to teach my children empathy.  Because the people who oftentimes need it are frequently the ones you despise the most.  Powerful lessons for us all.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Cleaning out a box of computer stuff the other day and I came across this...

Important things to note about this video clip.

#1 - MBA first years are assigned into 5-person teams their first semester. Greg's team was the most perfectly matched. Not only were the guys great - but their wives were very easy to get along with.

#2 - This was their commercial for a product line they had invented called "What Happens Next" for MKTG 501. They have no plans to patent at this point.

#3 - This was a rough draft version - so the audio is about 5 seconds behind the visual.

#4 - I was not a happy wife when I noticed Greg filmed this clip while wearing his NEW suit. (Note the part where he rolls in the grass.)

#5 - They got the highest grade in the class.

Friday, January 6, 2012

#83 of the Bad Mom's List

Have you seen this stuff?

It's primo, liquid chocolate heaven!

My blessed, blessed parents had 3 canisters left over from "neighborhood gifts" and subsequently (as an afterthought) gave one to me and my brothers for Christmas.

They had no idea I'd been secretly salivating every week at Costco as I walked by the display. Deep down I really really really wanted one - but could never justify the price. Really.

And now I hoard it as my own secret stash and I cant let my kids see it! On cold days, I'm pulling out the Great Value hot chocolate tub while hiding the attractive, silver Starbucks canister in the back.

What's that cool-looking can Mom?

"Oh...that? Um...I think it's flour. The wheat kind. The kind you don't like."

Oh, yeah. That was awful. Never make that bread again Mom.

"You got it."