Monday, December 12, 2011

Pretty Girl and Tact


Pretty Girl, I'd love to talk to you when you have a nice voice.

MOM!!! Mom?

Yes, dear?

Nobody is sharing their game with me downstairs.

Did you ask them nicely?

Um....yes. (lie)

Did you try to work out a plan?

Um...I don't know.

How about asking your brothers NICELY if maybe in 5 minutes you can have a turn.

Okaaaaay (starts to run away)

Wait! Wait. Remember, you have to ask nicely if you want to get what you want.

Okay. (disappears down the stairs) Guys! You need to share with me right now!

(Me resting my forehead in my hand.)


Kelly said...

hahahaha! This scenario sounds so familiar. Glad I'm not the only mother who wonders whether the talks we have go anywhere once past the ears. Where is the listening center of a child's brain and how do we stimulate it?

In other news, at least you know Pretty Girl is perfectly normal. Sometimes in the day I'll think to myself "why do they have to act like children?" Which always leaves me smiling in the end, because the truth is, we want them to BE children for as long as they can.

Jen T said...

Why do they have such a hard time with the 'ask nicely' part? You would think after about 100,000 times hearing Mom say it that they would get it, huh?

leadatortilla said...

hee hee hee!