Friday, December 30, 2011

The Bigger Picture

Our years living in Connecticut were made all the more sweet with frequent visits to Greg's parents mission - the Joseph Smith Birthplace in Sharon, Vermont.

Of all the stories and history we learned about Joseph Smith, this one is still our favorite.

Not many people know that Joseph Sr. and Lucy Mack (Joseph's parents) were fairly financially comfortable when they got married. When Joseph was about 8 yrs old (shortly after his famous fever and near amputation), things went downhill. After three straight years of crop/farm failure due to terrible weather conditions, Joseph Sr. gathered his family around him and asked them all to pray. He & Lucy had decided to give it one last shot - one final year. They would put all their resources, hopes and prayers into one last crack at turning things around.

If they failed, Joseph Sr. had read of a farming community about 100 miles west in a little town called Palmyra.

It was the WORST recorded winter in the history of Vermont. (still is to date)

This story always brings about a more fervent, humble attitude in the McKinnon household prayers and worship. We work to keep in mind that even the hardest of mountains and heartache will help us get to where Heavenly Father wants us to be.

(and Greg always likes to add, "if we could just NOT pass through total financial ruin to get there, we'd really appreciate it".)


kj said...

Thank you for sharing this. I love this story. Sharon, Vt is a very special place for Bill and me too.

Britt said...

I love reading your blog posts. They are always very inspirational- I do agree with Greg on this one. :) Happy New Year!

BrookeHoopes said...

I cannot tell you have much I LOVED this. And needed it. Thanks Rachael!

leadatortilla said...

I didn't know this and it's a very touching story - thanks for sharing.