Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Just Feels Wrong

As previously confessed on this blog, I love playing video games with my kids. We're Wii Sport connoisseurs. I haven't met a bowling ball or racket I didn't like.

Except boxing.

Punching a computerized representation of my child just feels completely wrong. Like I'm taking my energy out in the wrong place. And then there's the whole dilemna of the child punching the parent. And what about sibling punching sibling? Is this right? Does this encourage peace within the family?

And PS - my arms are sore.


Jen T said...

Too funny. I guess you would rather have them slug it out on the Wii than actually physically knocking each other out??? :)Happy game playing!

Carleton & Robyn said...

Wii are fans too! Love your family pictures. What a beautiful beautiful family!

leadatortilla said...

ohhhh, you are FUNNY!!