Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Intervention of Angels

Two weeks ago Pretty Girl's life was miraculously spared.

Our family was attending a local Halloween event. After unloading all the kids from the car, I rounded the back to pull out supplies. As I reached the back of the car, I realized not all the kids had stayed on the side of the road (next to the car) as we ALWAYS instruct them to do.

Pretty Girl was standing in the middle of the road, lovingly staring off across the street at the festivities. She was blissfully unaware of the car four feet behind her that had just come to a sudden halt.

I didn't sleep well most of last week. Lots of turning and self loathing and a million ways I could have prevented this. Many thoughts telling me, "You have too many children!" "How do you expect to be a good mother if you cannot watch them all?" and most prominently, "This is your fault. You should have been there. You failed."

The driver of the car turned out to be a distant neighbor. When I talked to her later, she told me in the moments before the near-crash, she felt an unknown slap come from behind her head and a direct voice that made her look to the side of the road where Pretty Girl was standing with her brothers. The voice told her to pay attention - at which point Pretty Girl walked right into the road.

I have no answers for why some children are spared and some are not. But I know our days and years are numbered from an eternal, solemn perspective. And if Pretty Girl still has more work to do and more to teach her parents, then there could also be hope of God's confidence in my abilities as a mother.


Nicole said...

There really are no adequate words to express what I'm feeling after reading your blog today. I'm so thankful your pretty girl was watched over and know that we don't do parenting all by ourselves. We have unseen protectors and helpers all along the way.

Britt said...

This is Spencer- The older I get the more my testimony is strengthened that we are not alone in our efforts. I am convinced those "angels" who are taking "silent notes" are very active in our lives. Mom, Grandma, Uncle Richard, Grandpa Hoopes and Carver are closer than I think sometimes. We love Pretty Girl- besides- she has too many tea parties to get to with Lucy to go anywhere now. Love you!

Jen T said...

There are angels all around us. So glad she is okay. Don't beat yourself up, Rachael. You are a good mom, and sometimes things just happen that we have no control over. God always watches over us, though, through the good and the bad.

leadatortilla said...

I hope you know that you are amazing and it made me sad to see you beating yourself up over this... You are a great mom! I'm so grateful that she is ok and that the woman was sensitive the spirit and the promptings. Thank goodness for moments like these to keep us on our toes and remind us that we're aren't making up rules for the fun of it!!

Kari Carver Courtney said...

Touching story to say the least. I believe in miracles and angels and that our loved ones who pass over protect us and guide us while we are still here on Earth.