Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Young Composer

Our Big Guy is now 1 month into piano. And he's almost fluent in those classic pieces - School Days, The Hummingbird, Old MacDonald Had a Farm , etc.

But I can always tell when he starts drifting away from his assigned music into his own compositions. There's usually a pause, the notes go deeper and deeper down the scale. And then he really gets into the rhythm and the emotion of his piece.

We call it, Variation on a Theme of Jaws.

It's brilliant! But most of us can only take brilliance for about 5 minutes (maybe less). And then it's back to the ol' scales.

Nobody appreciates genius during it's lifetime.


Jen T said...

So definitely understand this! A good set of ear plugs is well worth it some days :)

Hillary said...

And I love your little guy in the background happily watching his big brother in all his brilliance!