Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering Those Who Fought Back

Explaining 9/11 over the weekend to my children was fascinating.

Pirate and Pretty Girl might have well been the same age for how much attention they gave to the photos, the explanations and video.

Our Sweetie's interest lasted longer. He was keen on how he could take out the "bad guys" and all the technical aspects surrounding revenge.

Our Big Guy was intrigued by the logistics - the where and how survivors were found. He was the one who sat in awe at my brother's excellent 9/11 memorial where a rescue firefighter spoke to the crowd. He also put his arms around me when I started to cry while explaining Flight 93 and the phone calls and the people who fought back. (I don't do well with that one)

People like the one listed below were hardest to think about.

There was one last person I wanted to find. Lauren was pregnant on the flight. Her story is listed here - it's a wonderful piece.


Jen T said...

That is a beautiful memorial! What a great tribute!

Carleton & Robyn said...

Very neat!

I love your new header picture at the top. So cute.

Erin said...

Our dinner conversation was very interesting tonight too. I wish I would have known about the memorial. I would have loved to go.

leadatortilla said...

When I told my boys about flight 93, I too started to cry and sob. Oh, those were hard things to share but I felt were important too. I'm wondering where you went to see those flags and cards?!?