Friday, September 30, 2011

"I Repeat...You Are Not In Direct Competition With Each Other"

...except this week they were.

We knew from the beginning of the season this game would be a blowout. Our Big Guy's team is very good. How could Our Sweetie's team possibly compete with an already well-established, older grade, bigger team? Vegas had predicted slaughter and sibling disaster.

They were wrong.

We watched both boys take hits for the other. We were stunned when they backed off their defense when a goal was in range. And when our Big Guy rolled to the ground at one point, Our Sweetie hovered next to him while keeping his team back.

Wish they got along this way all the time.

It was a beautiful game!


Jen T said...

Love it! We don't do soccer until spring. Fall would be a nice soccer time. Have fun!

Rochelle said...

They're learning to hanedle competition the right way a lot earlier than I did! Good luck to both teams! :)

leadatortilla said...

How did they end up playing each other? What a treat!