Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Best Music, Top 5

I'm not advocating the whole album. Just the song.

#1 - Indigo Girls, Closer to Fine.

This is quite possibly the most perfect song ever written. And every time I listen to it I feel like it was made just for me. If an artist could ever look into my soul and write about what was inside, Closer to Fine would be the most accurate.

#2 - Shawn Colvin, Steady On

Spending the evening at a friend's cabin in Sundance in 1997 - she put Shawn Colvin on her surround sound system & I was sold. I love this song. Who doesn't need frequent reminders to stay the course, keep strong - steady on!

Three months later the song was my pleasant companion as I drove in my old Trooper to Washington DC for a summer internship. Watching the picturesque fields of Iowa and the huge bridges over the Mississippi while listening to Steady On made a lasting impact.

#3 - Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sweet Home Alabama

They sing about Alabama, but I think about the Blue Ridge Mountains.

#4 - Placido Domingo & John Denver, Perhaps Love

My entire childhood is wrapped up in this song. And it's played out nicely into my adult life as well. This song is beautiful!

#5 - Martika, Love Thy Will be Done

This song helps me remember to breathe.

Runners Up

Tracy Chapman, The Promise

If I could have a conversation with my mother, the lyrics here come pretty close to what I would say.


Erin said...

Pulling on a pregnant lady's heart strings is SO not fair. You know your Mom is watching over you and has a place for you in her heart. :) more emotion for a few more weeks please. :)

Esther Yu Sumner said...

I am not very familiar with some of these songs. I am excited to check them out. This has me thinking about my top five now ... which I know. I'll post it and let you know. Fun to see what completely different songs we pick.