Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two Fathers

This year I pay tribute to the two fathers in my life.

#1 - This one gave me life.

He teaches me patience, perseverance and above all, forgiveness. He has shown me true sacrifice and endurance and what you must bring to your own personal alter to become like Jesus Christ.

He's rejoiced with me in my successes. Cried with me in my failures.

He's urged me on multiple bad days of self introspection to stay strong and have courage. After a brutal freshman final, he reminded me that mountains must be scaled - no matter what path I chose. And the night my best friend left across the world for 2 years, my dad let me curl up next to him and bawl my eyes out for a few hours.

#2 - This one gave me his life.
Of all the decisions I have ever made - or will make - in my life, marrying this man was the best one.

He calms and reasons with the upset little boy. He reasures the dramatic drama queen that her concerns are always valid. And when days are short and free time non-existent, he coaches little league and reshuffles his schedule to be in the needed audience.

The most joyous time of the day is when he walks through the door.

We love him. We lean on him constantly. He carries the weight of our family on strong shoulders that never seem to shake or falter.

Happy Fathers Day to the sweet fathers in my life!


leadatortilla said...

super sweet Rach - very sweet.

Esther Yu Sumner said...

What a lovely post. That last photo of Greg hugging the children ... perfect end shot.