Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Fashion Statement

There is no question amongst our children that Our Big Guy is the most industrious. The most loyal and hardest worker. He is bound to be a strong leader, an entrepreneur, or quite possibly an engineer.

Or a whale trainer (according to him).

In the meantime, he is fascinated with the logistics of building, planning, selection of tools, etc.

And he is his father's shadow.

If only I could convince him not to wear white while working.


Britt said...

Hey- this is Spencer- you are very eloquent in your writing. I know your kids are blessed to have you as their Mom. I love you Rachael.

Jen T said...

Good luck with that :) My kids seem to always wear white shirts when spaghetti is on the menu. We sit down to dinner, and I think, "again, really?" Thank heavens for shout! love ya!

Britt said...

...or a jacket. Has anyone told that kid it's summer! :)

leadatortilla said...

I guess they won't be white much longer - then you won't have to worry about it... ha ha ha.