Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eggs Amongst Gobblins & Arches

We spent Spring Break in Southern Utah with our good friends Shayne & Lea and Doug & Tiff.

We kept it simple & real. Very real.

Big Guy almost fell off a cliff face in Arches. Pretty Girl bit the dust 4 times on a .2 mile hike (yes, point 2 miles - not 2 miles). Sweetie got hit in the head with a rock by a very cute deceptively innocent 2yr old. And Pirate decided he didn't like the baby carrier or the backpack and cried non-stop the final mile hike back to the car.

Fortunately, the simple outweighed the real.

One museum visit, a few hikes, planting Easter eggs around stone goblins, lots of swimming time, showing the kids some amazing petroglyphs, one captivating geyser, and beautiful views.

We want to go back next year. (without the "real" part)


Six-Pack Momma said...

What great memories! I love the pictures. My favorite Easter ever was spent camping in Goblin Valley. You have made me 'homesick' for our second home in Arches.

leadatortilla said...

can you imagine camping during that visit? I'm grateful we had beds to crawl into and showers to leave 80% of that sand in.....

Jen T said...

It is the "real" part that makes it so memorable, huh? :) Love the pics!