Saturday, February 26, 2011

Confessions of a Video Game Junkie

It's time to come clean.

I absolutely love playing video games.

And I especially love playing them with my kids. Sadly, we played for 2 hours straight the other day. (remind me to sit on a pillow next time...)

Most of the game was spent making up silly songs whenever Mario would float into "coin heaven", a couple of tickling-wrestling matches emerged in-between bowling turns, and we ended up scaring Pirate a couple times with our uncontrolled screaming when we "died".

Experts say video games are horribly destructive for young minds.

We're doomed.


leadatortilla said...

LOL - You're proof that video gaming is good for the family!

Britt said...

We just got the Michael Jackson dance game for the Wii- I'll bet your kids would love it! All the great classics!

Jen T said...

Life is too short, play and have fun!

Darleen said...

my kids don't like playing with me because I'm terrible. I actually have to beg them to let me play with them.

Britt said...

At least you're playing with your kids! Spencer can't stand video games. It's really hard to get him to play with the kids.