Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where We Started, (Part 3 of 3)

Dating the boy was a lesson in patience. Because he went slow. Painfully slow. And nothing felt official. Did he really like me? Were we seriously doing this "dating" thing? I could never tell.

We'd been seeing each other for 3 months. And by the end of the 3rd month he'd held my hand...twice.

I was giddy over that alone.

I was also melting because standing in front of me almost every weekend evening was the most amazing, strong, handsome boy and the boy would not kiss me.

We were close friends by now. Maybe this was all just a platonic thing for him. And maybe I could be in a relationship without physical affection. Maybe.

Thankfully, the evening did come. A beautiful, warm evening with tons of stars and music playing in my head. He had taken my hands, pulled me close, leaned down and kissed me. It was sweet and perfect and thrilling and everything I had been dreaming about for months. And then I turned around and walked straight into a door. It was that good.

Fortunately he didn't see that part.

At last we'd kissed! And life was sunshine and lollypops and happy dances. And the next weekend couldn't come fast enough - where I was eagerly anticipating an encore of the previous date. And then to my complete astonishment... nothing happened! Zero kisses. No hand-holding. Zip.

Another month of dating followed. No kisses.

What the heck was wrong with this guy?!?!

So now it was obvious. He clearly didn't like kisses - or maybe just my kisses. But the problem was, I liked kissing. And I especially liked his kisses and I wanted more of them.

Finally one night I'd had enough. We were out walking around campus. He was talking, I was stewing. I wasn't taking this "slow" garbage anymore. This boy was going to kiss me, or I was calling the whole thing off.

That was when he looked at me and asked. "What do you feel like doing tonight?"

How to explain this? "I don't think you want to know."

"Come on. Tell me."

Would I dare? Could I be this bold? I had never done anything this forward in my life. But I was going to find out - once and for all - if the boy was serious about me. Taking a deep breath, I told him to close his eyes.

And then I pounced on him.

Apparently the move worked because within seconds of my kiss he grabbed me and started kissing me back.

We didn't leave that spot for a good hour.

I never had to initiate many kisses after that. They followed frequently...and abundantly. Turns out he was very serious.

We had


Alisa said... are FUNNY! Glad I stumbled upon your blog to read this :-) I had no idea you knew each other in high school!

Steph said...

What a great love story!

Alison said...

I love the part about walking into a door.

Jessica Brown said...

I love this post. I felt like I was reading a fun novel, and felt giddy when you guys kissed for the first time. Thanks for sharing. Maybe you should write a novel, you'de be a great writer.

Erin said...

You are a tiger Rach!! :) So fun to read. Glad you guys found each other and glad I get to see you guys STILL being mushy. :)

davidkmckinnon said...

Yuck. That's all I have to say.

Stookey Family said...

i found your bolgg off of nicole's you are such a great writer rachael!!what a talent. love the blog too cute

Jen T said...

Isn't that one of your engagement pictures? I remember that. Thanks for sharing Rachel. It was fun to put in the pieces I didn't know. Brought back a lot of fun BYU memories! Love ya!

leadatortilla said...

ah.... ::sigh::

Britt said...

HEhehe! I enjoyed reading that. So very different from my own experience. Maybe I'll share that one day on my blog. :)