Friday, January 7, 2011

6 Weeks

It's been 6 Weeks since the Little Pirate arrived. 6 Weeks means a few things.

I can do this again...

And this...

And I'm 3 months closer to putting these back on...

6 Weeks has never looked so good.

Current instrumental work-out play list documented below. (Yes, I love Hans Zimmer) Do you have anything to add? Would love recommended songs.

Aggressive Expansion - Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight)
And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad - Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight)
Assets & Targets - John Powell (Bourne Ultimatum)
Chateau - Rob Dougan (Matrix Reloaded)
Furious Angels - Rob Dougan (Matrix Reloaded)
Go - Andy Hunter (The Italian Job) - perfect for a sunrise workout
He's a Pirate - Klaus Badelt (Pirates of the Carribean)
Mombasa - Hans Zimmer (Inception)
National Treasure Suite - Trevor Rabin
Time to Get Out - David Arnold (Quantum of Solace)
Training Montaine - Rocky IV
503 - Joshua Bell & Hans Zimmer (Angels and Demons)
Time - Hans Zimmer (Inception)


Jen T said...

Always nice to get back to "normal" after a baby, if such a thing really exists :). Hope he is feeling good and you are getting some rest!

Darleen said...

Oh my gosh! I'm almost there. Let life be normal again!! Halleujah!