Thursday, December 9, 2010

Favorite Christmas Music

I am picky about Christmas music.

I just am.

The stuff they play in retail stores this time of year can drive you bananas. And the very worst of it all...Country Christmas music.


So for those purists like myself who need real Christmas music - here are my top 3 recommended Christmas albums.

#1 - George Winston's December

This one is such a classic - you can actually start listening to it before Thanksgiving and through Christmas without starting to feel that twitch on the side of your face. The Holly and the Ivy is my favorite piece here.

#2 - Amy Grant's Home for Christmas

You could rightfully argue this album comes close to Country. For me, Grant's voice supersedes all that nonsense and gets right to the heart of Christmas. There are so many good ones here - esp my favorite, Grown Up Christmas List - which I can't contemplate too deeply these days or I start crying...

#3 - David Tolk, Holiday

How to begin here? This album is simply spectacular. It's almost on a continual play loop at our home because we never tire of Tolk's interpretations of traditional holiday carols.

Side Note - Tolk's album contains my favorite Christmas carol of all time - Il est Ne le Divin Enfant. Check it out on iTunes - it's peaceful, heartwarming and brings a delightful spirit into our home.


Jen T said...

I remember you being an Amy Grant fan in college. Good choices.

leadatortilla said...

I need to check out all of these - I'm not familiar with any of them! I love how you are always playing music in your house. I really wish I would follow your example and do the same. It's pure laziness.... and lack of counter space for a CD player!

Darleen said...

Oh I love AMy Grant Christmas music and George Winston. I have both those albums. Good choice.

KMDuff said...

Um, yeah, Amy Grant is country. I'm guessing you mean hillbilly-esque country? Anyway my mom loves Amy Grant and she does have a good voice. I grew up listening to it. But then I will admit my country music love. Taylor Swift even. :)