Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thomas More

Thomas More is one of my favorite people in history. In fact, he's on my "list" of people I look forward to meeting on the other side when I get there. If only all of us today could be as faithful to our principles and values as More was to his.

My favorite depiction of Thomas More is through Jeremy Northam in The Tudors. More's actions and final demise prompted a week-long debate in our household over whether we could each take the oath or not. (Greg and I differ on this part).

And finally...because I love Northam's performance so much, I have to throw this one up here as well. There is no documented evidence that this conversation between Cromwell and More ever took place (unlike More's well-founded speech before his death). And I doubt Cromwell was this genuine with More, since the two greatly disliked each other. However, the dialogue is pure More.

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David Grant said...

Potent stuff. I would like to hear more about your oath debate. Since I know little of Sir Thomas, could you please enlighten me on the oath? Thanks for the post