Monday, October 25, 2010

My Kids and Brain Damage

Many decades ago, Bill Cosby did that brilliant sketch on children and brain damage. If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the following clip and enjoy 4 minutes of amazing comic observation.

I think there was hidden wisdom in his antics.

Here is an almost daily conversation in our household -

Child (pick one) - "Mom - I want to A) play toys, B) go ride my bike, C) play outside.

Mom - "Absolutely. You just need to A) make your bed, B) get dressed, C) clean up first.

Child - "But MOM!! I really want to A) play toys, B) go ride my bike C) play outside."

Mom - "Um...let me think about that again... Still no. You see before you get to do (insert want), you must (insert job). Got it?"

I love how the second request is so passionate and intense. As if the heartfelt expression of sincere want will rule out any past (or future) conditions upon which the previous request is predicated upon.

And I'd like to say the conversation stops here - and they get it.

But they don't.

Brain damage and children...Mr. Cosby was definitely on to something.


leadatortilla said...

Love that Cosby clip....I remember thinking it was funny before I had kids - but NOW.... It's more than just funny - it's REAL!

Jen T said...

It is amazing how universal this condition is.

Erin said...

What a funny clip. Love the picture of Andrew too. I always admire how patient you are with your kids.

Steph said...

Gotta love Bill Cosby!!!