Saturday, October 23, 2010


Why do we do this every year? Why do we drive hundreds of miles into mud, rain, white-out conditions, wilderness for the slim chance of finding a deer with horns? Do we even have the freezer space if the off chance we succeed? Good grief - no.

Why do I endure the piles of muddy laundry and dirty cars when we arrive home? The freezing toes, the cold hands, and runny noses. The littered mud room full of boots, coats and bags that need to be sorted and put away. And just to ice the cake further - this year we have "make up" homework to do since the kids missed Friday. Lovely.

And then I remember. We do this because of candy bars. Candy bars and warm soda and sitting on a cold rock for hours talking together and laughing.

It doesn't take much to figure out why we never bring home a deer.


leadatortilla said...

I am SOO impressed that the boys did this trip with their daddy. What great memories for all of them!

Jen T said...

Wow, you are brave.
That is awesome! Maybe some day they will get a dear, then you will need a new freezer :)

Darleen said...

Oh deer...when we lived in SLC that was ALWAYS a fall activity. Hunting. It actually drove me crazy because you have to sit there and been so still and quiet. Not to mention, get up so early