Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Canning Skills 101

Want to be a successful canning-person extraordinaire? Follow the McKinnon-Nelson step-by-step program and you'll be on your way to enjoying Brigham City fruit all year round. (Patent pending...)

#1 - Beware - your kitchen is going to get VERY sticky. Try to get a friend or neighbor to let you do this at their house. And use their pots.

#2 - Meet said friend. Make sure she's not afraid to get her hands (or her kitchen) dirty. Take a break every 10 minutes or so while she keeps working.

#3 - Have a back-up plan if your fruit goes mushy before you can process it.

#4 - Those bowls of fruit and sauce are kid magnets. Don't be afraid to let them sample the reject pieces of fruit with the mold and the worms. They won't be bothering you again.

#5 - Prepare to take a nap afterwards while your wonderful husband makes dinner and puts the kids to bed.


leadatortilla said...

love it!!! Should I just paste a link from my blog to yours? ;-) I'd love to have a copy of those pics!

Darleen said...

WoW!! That's impressive. How long did all that canning take? Don't tell me you did it all in one day? Good thing you have a friend and helper.

Jen T said...

Wow! You guys are awesome! I like the part about doing it at a friend's house :) Can I come over to yours?

Hillary said...

Now that's my kinda canning day! Especially the nap at the end of the tiring day! :)

Erin said...

You forgot step #6...give your sister-in-law a jar. :)