Saturday, September 25, 2010

Harry Potter Part I

Greg is a faithful Harry Potter reader. I'm an avid watcher (and spotty flipper of pages to find out the end before I finish). But we're both very much looking forward to November 19th.

Still my favorite quote from the whole series remains the same - Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.

Monday, September 20, 2010

3 Months 3 Goals

I have 3 months left (starting beginning of September) until our Little Pirate arrives and all routine flies out the window for at least one year. So I'm gearing up. I'm determined to be prepared.

Here goes my 3 final goals to be done before Thanksgiving.

GOAL #1 - Finish the quilt.

I bought these square patches at a flee market in Oahu about 7 years ago. This was that delightful time of my life where I didn't have children yet and sadly, I was too ignorant to appreciate it at the time. Anyway, it's been 7 years now... I'm sick of looking at it in my work space.

Progress - Done! Check!! And it is immensely satisfying to watch my children stand in front of a pile of blankets and select the one I made.

GOAL #2 - Catch up with scrapbooking.

This is going to become much worse with 4 kids instead of just 3, hence my goal to be caught up with the existing 3.

Progress - 1/2 done. Big Guy is done. Sweetie is 1/2 done. Pretty Girl is still in very sad shape.

GOAL #3 - Paint the doors in my house.

70% of the doors in my house are in bad shape. I'm sick of looking at them as I pass them each day, hundreds of times. I want them fixed and out of my obsessive compulsive view before Pirate comes.

Progress - Zilch! I haven't even started yet. But plans are quickly forming. A visit to Home Depot or Lowes is very near on the horizon. I should also mention that Greg is most worried about this particular goal. He's very worried about the carpet, the paint job itself, spilling paint on the walls, etc. I'll need to harness my inner painting person (which doesn't exist) in order to prove myself.


Eating unhealthy food. And lots of it. -

Visiting friends & beautiful fall weather -

And finally -

I really hope I get those doors done...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

She's Three

If you ask her father, he'll tell you Pretty Girl has never had a bad day, never given us a bit of trouble, never been mean to her brothers. He will tell you she is perfect. She's flawless. She loves her father best of all and will never think of marriage or dating.

Her mother will tell you differently...