Monday, July 26, 2010

Indian Summer Evenings

Greg had to work late tonight. I'm pregnant and lazy. And Indian food has been calling my name for weeks.

Life is sweet. Very, very, kurma, garlic nann sweet...(with gulab jamun)


Kelly said...

You knew I would comment on this, didn't you? In fact, my nails are wet, I shouldn't be typing, but I still had to comment. Because Bombay just stirs something within me. Oh, and yes, I have taken advantage of Bombay since I've been here. It is as important as anything that I do when I am in Utah for the summer.

Glad your kids have received your Indian influences. You are a good, good mother.

Jen T said...

Yum! You are welcome to come make dinner at my house anytime!

Sam said...

I loved the Bombay House (you had to tell me what to order, didn't you?). Thanks for reminding me-- I am going to have to go next time I am in Utah. Hope everything is going well with your pregnancy!

PS The name Sam has a certain ring to it for the little pirate.... Who wouldn't want to be named after Sam Walton? :)