Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Problem With A Name

I love the name James because of this man.

I love the name Andrew because of this man.

And I'm crazy about the name Elizabeth because of these two women.

Now comes my quirk (and obsession). It's very important to me that my children are named after people I love and admire. These must be people my children can look up to and - where possible - rely on their guidance and example.

I agree this requirement seems a bit strange and ridiculous - I think my sister-in-law thinks I'm nutty (which I freely admit I am). But I've had too much personal experience and feeling from these two women in my life.

And I want this same strength available to my children.

But here's the hard part - we've run out of names for the Little Pirate. And the list is getting pretty slim. It can't just be someone I simply admire. It has to be someone I really feel a connection with - someone I've researched and spent time thinking over their decisions and their placement in history. These people didn't all leave a big mark - but their lives have definitely touched mine - in a significant way.

The other problem is - Greg and I have to like the name. If that weren't an issue, we would have named our first born after this man -

But we don't like the name Heber.

I would love to name him after one of these men...

This is not just based on spiritual foundations or "pick a prophet of your choice" game. In fact, Brigham Young was definitely not my favorite person while growing up. All that changed when I started studying the history of Nauvoo and the Mormon pioneers coming west. Do you really know what this man had to put up with after Joseph Smith was killed and Brigham came back to Nauvoo amidst complete chaos? I love both of these men and admire them deeply.

And truth be told - my most fervent choice is this man. I cannot think of a better man, example or hero my son could look up to. I would love this choice.

But Greg says no. So we're back to square one. (Though I'm still pulling for the last option...)


Jen T said...

I agree! Before we had our one and only little man I wanted to name him Brandt Benjamin--which is Ben's names reveresed (he is Benjamin Brandt), but he would have nothing to do with it. Totally against it. Made me sad. We eventually got Jesse Brandt, with Jesse being the first Taylor family member to join the church. But I was sad Ben didn't want to name our boy after him.

Alison said...

I liked the name Grover, but all Jake could think when he heard it was blue muppet.

Britt said...

I know you're not super fond of Max but you could emphasize the great qualities about him. Name him Greg Max and then call him Max! There are also many other great prophets. I like Kimball, Hunter, Grant (I tend to go for the last names). Keep an open mind and I'm sure something will come to you. :)

leadatortilla said...

Oh, Benson is a good name... or perhaps you should name him Gregory the II and call him junior. Good luck... I love the picture post - now I think you should tell stories about all those amazing people. (well, about the relatives we don't know).

Hillary said...

Steve-that's a great name-right!?!?! ;)

Boy said...

Whatever you end up choosing will pale in comparison to the pure awesomeness of the moniker "The Little Pirate".
My recommendation: stick with that. Twil be the best baby blessing EVARRRRR!!!!