Sunday, July 4, 2010


My amazing brother-in-law David related to all of us yesterday the story of his Accounting Professor at his Cal-Poly grad school. Being quite liberal minded (though I hope her views aren't representative of all liberal women) this professor preached to David's class that she had chosen to never have children in order to compensate for the GREED and SELFISHNESS of those couples who had chosen to have more than 1 child.

At this point everyone in the class turned and looked at David - the only grad student with 3 children. (Actually, he was the only grad student with any children.)

I've been thinking of her comments since. I'm not very tactful. I'm really glad I wasn't in the class at the time - because I know I would have said something I later would regret. Something about how until you're actually a mother yourself - you realize GREED has nothing to do with it. I would have been exceptionally angry and probably raised my voice.

So I'm glad today is Sunday and my children and I had some extra time this morning to look through our scriptures and particularly - re-read Elder Holland's talk to mothers. I love Elder Holland.

In a MBA Accounting classroom full of figures, policy and political debate - this message would have brought peace into the hearts (of at least some) of the people there. Just like it did with me this morning.


Jen T said...

I don't think greed and selfishness even belong in the same paragraph as motherhood, except maybe to say they are the total opposites of what being a mother is. I agree, I too would have said some not very nice things to that teacher. Good thing the both of us weren't there or we could have really let her have it :) Also love that talk!

Boy said...

Accounting: the perfect place to embarrass oneself with politically-minded idiocy.

On second thought, Grad school: the perfect place to embarrass oneself with politically-minded idiocy.

Amazing how the power to give grades leads to presenting ones biases and ill-informed opinions as enforceable facts.

Hillary said...

It's not like everytime you have a baby you take it away from someone else, I don't get her logic. I would almost go as far to say as she's the one being selfish-but I know everyone has their reasons so I should be nice, right?!?! :) Good for you for continuing to bring such cute kiddos into this world!!!

leadatortilla said...

Ugh. that comment makes me sick to my stomach. What a horribly, short-sighted and unfortunate woman!

Darleen said...

Ewww...she makes me want to puke! Sounds like many selfish people we know out here.

PS did you find out what you are having??

PSS I really like Gregs new car! Awesome. That's something Seth would pick out.