Tuesday, July 13, 2010

5 Blissful "Diaper-Free" Months Ahead

Greg and I have been buying, changing and throwing away diapers for 6 years. SIX YEARS!! Think about it. That's enough time to get your BA/BS and finish with your MA. No - there were no breaks. In fact, there were 18 months where Pretty Girl and Our Sweetie overlapped.

So you'll understand our joy over Pretty Girl's success with potty training this past week. She was brilliant! It's gone exceptionally well. And Greg and I are loving life without diapers and wipes.

It's true - in 5 months we'll be right back into the diaper routine. But that's okay - we'll take the break.



Erin said...

Been wondering about her. Glad she's been doing well.

Colette said...

Way to go little lady. Oh diapers @ 18 cents each with a average use of 4-5 a day. Well it makes you think of cloth diapers, oh maybe not.

Jen T said...

WooHoo! That is a milestone! Enjoy the break!

leadatortilla said...

Seriously, you are HIRED. I'll do anything for you if you take my Danny and do a miracle!! Way to go Pretty Girl!!!