Friday, July 30, 2010

12 Years

Five years ago I was in Concord, MA, blissfully touring Orchard House. By sheer chance, I glanced at a quote that was framed in the corner of the living room. I remember feeling the goosebumps rushing over me and then scrambling like mad inside my bag for a pen & paper. The tour guide/hostess was unbelievably patient and kind with me as I frantically wrote down all the words.

I had never before (nor since) read a passage that so perfectly and beautifully portrayed my feelings towards my marriage.

Since that day in Concord, the following quote has been a constant on my kitchen tack board. I love reading it...often. And it has never lost its strength. It's still exactly how I feel about marrying Greg - 12 years later.

“I have never dreamed of such serene happiness as I have known…My future seems so full of beauty and of joy I can think of nothing else…To be a happy wife, with a good husband to love and care for me…this blessed lot is mine and from my purpose I never intend to be diverted…I shall never regret my act for no possible amount of fame, glory, wealth or success could have brought me the happiness and real content of my married life…Set your dear hearts at rest, for could you see me in my lovely home amid birds and blossoms, and know my happiness, you would say, ‘May has decided wisely.’”

-May Alcott-


leadatortilla said...

I suppose it did take a few extra minutes to write that one down! But, it was definitely worth it - very beautiful words. thanks for sharing - and congrats on the anniversary.

Erin said...

Glad you've found so much happiness together. Happy anniversary yesterday. :)

Jen T said...

That is beautiful, and I agree. Happy Anniversary! We are going on 15!