Friday, July 30, 2010

12 Years

Five years ago I was in Concord, MA, blissfully touring Orchard House. By sheer chance, I glanced at a quote that was framed in the corner of the living room. I remember feeling the goosebumps rushing over me and then scrambling like mad inside my bag for a pen & paper. The tour guide/hostess was unbelievably patient and kind with me as I frantically wrote down all the words.

I had never before (nor since) read a passage that so perfectly and beautifully portrayed my feelings towards my marriage.

Since that day in Concord, the following quote has been a constant on my kitchen tack board. I love reading it...often. And it has never lost its strength. It's still exactly how I feel about marrying Greg - 12 years later.

“I have never dreamed of such serene happiness as I have known…My future seems so full of beauty and of joy I can think of nothing else…To be a happy wife, with a good husband to love and care for me…this blessed lot is mine and from my purpose I never intend to be diverted…I shall never regret my act for no possible amount of fame, glory, wealth or success could have brought me the happiness and real content of my married life…Set your dear hearts at rest, for could you see me in my lovely home amid birds and blossoms, and know my happiness, you would say, ‘May has decided wisely.’”

-May Alcott-

Monday, July 26, 2010

Indian Summer Evenings

Greg had to work late tonight. I'm pregnant and lazy. And Indian food has been calling my name for weeks.

Life is sweet. Very, very, kurma, garlic nann sweet...(with gulab jamun)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Problem With A Name

I love the name James because of this man.

I love the name Andrew because of this man.

And I'm crazy about the name Elizabeth because of these two women.

Now comes my quirk (and obsession). It's very important to me that my children are named after people I love and admire. These must be people my children can look up to and - where possible - rely on their guidance and example.

I agree this requirement seems a bit strange and ridiculous - I think my sister-in-law thinks I'm nutty (which I freely admit I am). But I've had too much personal experience and feeling from these two women in my life.

And I want this same strength available to my children.

But here's the hard part - we've run out of names for the Little Pirate. And the list is getting pretty slim. It can't just be someone I simply admire. It has to be someone I really feel a connection with - someone I've researched and spent time thinking over their decisions and their placement in history. These people didn't all leave a big mark - but their lives have definitely touched mine - in a significant way.

The other problem is - Greg and I have to like the name. If that weren't an issue, we would have named our first born after this man -

But we don't like the name Heber.

I would love to name him after one of these men...

This is not just based on spiritual foundations or "pick a prophet of your choice" game. In fact, Brigham Young was definitely not my favorite person while growing up. All that changed when I started studying the history of Nauvoo and the Mormon pioneers coming west. Do you really know what this man had to put up with after Joseph Smith was killed and Brigham came back to Nauvoo amidst complete chaos? I love both of these men and admire them deeply.

And truth be told - my most fervent choice is this man. I cannot think of a better man, example or hero my son could look up to. I would love this choice.

But Greg says no. So we're back to square one. (Though I'm still pulling for the last option...)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

5 Blissful "Diaper-Free" Months Ahead

Greg and I have been buying, changing and throwing away diapers for 6 years. SIX YEARS!! Think about it. That's enough time to get your BA/BS and finish with your MA. No - there were no breaks. In fact, there were 18 months where Pretty Girl and Our Sweetie overlapped.

So you'll understand our joy over Pretty Girl's success with potty training this past week. She was brilliant! It's gone exceptionally well. And Greg and I are loving life without diapers and wipes.

It's true - in 5 months we'll be right back into the diaper routine. But that's okay - we'll take the break.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Another "Well Hung" Baby

The Little Pirate is a boy!

(The phrase "well hung" dates back to my pregnancy with Our Sweetie and a rather awkward moment between Greg and my OBGYN at the time. It's now a classic running joke in our family.)

Sunday, July 4, 2010


My amazing brother-in-law David related to all of us yesterday the story of his Accounting Professor at his Cal-Poly grad school. Being quite liberal minded (though I hope her views aren't representative of all liberal women) this professor preached to David's class that she had chosen to never have children in order to compensate for the GREED and SELFISHNESS of those couples who had chosen to have more than 1 child.

At this point everyone in the class turned and looked at David - the only grad student with 3 children. (Actually, he was the only grad student with any children.)

I've been thinking of her comments since. I'm not very tactful. I'm really glad I wasn't in the class at the time - because I know I would have said something I later would regret. Something about how until you're actually a mother yourself - you realize GREED has nothing to do with it. I would have been exceptionally angry and probably raised my voice.

So I'm glad today is Sunday and my children and I had some extra time this morning to look through our scriptures and particularly - re-read Elder Holland's talk to mothers. I love Elder Holland.

In a MBA Accounting classroom full of figures, policy and political debate - this message would have brought peace into the hearts (of at least some) of the people there. Just like it did with me this morning.