Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If These Walls Could Speak

Three years ago this month my sweet Grandmother Hoopes passed away. Next week her house will close on the market and we will say goodbye to a home that was once the heart of our family.

I lived in this home for almost the first ten years of my life and then spent at least 3-4 days each week running (later driving) over to visit. I love this home. One of my favorite childhood memories is running home from church, charging through the back door and smelling the delicious roast cooking in the oven (original oven is still there).

Amy Grant's If These Walls Could Speak has always reminded me of Grandma's house. It fits so well.

If these old halls
If hallowed halls could talk
These would have a tale to tell
Of sun going down and dinner bell
And children playing at hide and seek
From floor to rafter
If these halls could speak


Britt said...

Although my memories of that house are a little different from yours, I will always think of Grandma when I see it. I'm sure I'd think of Grandpa if I knew him but the picture I see is Grandpa Stan sitting in his brown chair with an end table full of church history, political and joke books. When I see the swing, I'm reminded of Grandma sitting out there sipping her glasses of water while Spencer held a sleeping Bradley in his lap. And the room downstairs is one I painted while I was 8 months pregnant! Thanks for the photos and a little trip down memory lane!

Jessica Brown said...

Thanks Rae for posting this. Grandma's house was so much like her, inviting and warm.

BrookeHoopes said...


Thanks for this beautiful post. Beautifully captured, and beautifully written. Thanks.

Esther Yu Sumner said...

What a nice way to commemorate your grandmother.