Friday, April 16, 2010

LRRH Progress Log #3

1 Month, 19 Days...

Selected work-out song for Log #3 - Boys Like Girls, Love Drunk

(Only took 1 year to overcome my irrational fear and I haven't fallen...yet)

This morning was the first outdoor ride of the season. Thank you Lea for coming with me and for the excellent Zupas food after.

Now that I'm not so clueless when it comes to bike maintenance, first thing I did this morning was lube my bike chain and pump up my tires.

It was a fantastic, beautiful ride!

Great way to start off the spring season. Headed out again tomorrow AM with some women from my neighborhood. Must increase my mileage if I'm going to break the 80 at Little Red.

PS - I love the selected work-out song for this log. It's currently my favorite choice for hitting those hills. If you're in need of good work-out music, try this one.


leadatortilla said...

Well, I'm feeling quite partial to this post... it was a wonderful afternoon. Plus, I have to take a moment to thank the man that let us go without bike trailers and 4 kids in tow! Thank you Greg - you're quite the hubby. And thank you Rach for including me in the fun. You're the best!

Carleton & Robyn said...

You girls look so tough-so cool working on your bikes. Good for you! You look great!

Kellogg said...

Congrats on the clipless! You will never look back! Good luck on the training. If will all be worth it.