Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LRRH Progress Log #1

3 Months, 3 Days...

Selected work-out song for Log #1 - KT Tunstall, Suddenly I See

Training for this race has started to consume a great deal of my time. So I'm going to be posting small milestones (Progress Logs) every once in awhile.

Since the beginning of February, the new spinning class has been good. But I need more bike time, and I'm absolutely loathe to give up my swimming routine. So starting last week, I cut one of my rest days. Here's my new schedule.

Monday - swimming/weights
Tuesday - spinning
Wednesday - swimming
Thursday - swimming
Friday - spinning (or actual road biking as the weather gets warm)
Saturday - swimming
Sunday - rest

It's still not enough bike time. If only for the sake of my rear end - I need more than 2 hours a week in the saddle - so to speak. But it's still too cold to bike outside. Even though my whole body feels this ache to just go every afternoon.

The time for my workouts is relatively problem-free, except those mornings when Greg goes to the temple with the Deacons. That throws me off. I also GREATLY DISLIKE taking my kids to the gym with me - and it's mostly Pretty Girl. I have a whole slew of issues with that - maybe I'll get into that later. Nothing to do with my gym - it's the principle.

So it's been the 5:00 am hour when my workouts begin. This is nothing new - I've been at this since last June. And I find I very much prefer this time. By 8:00, I have showered, dressed, read scriptures by myself and with the kids, made beds and cleaned the kitchen. I love routine. I thrive on this.

On a side note - Greg bought me my clipless shoes and peddles (egg beaters) two months ago. I've been practicing occasionally in my family room - feel like a complete idiot. I need to start telling myself that a fall outside is inevitable.

Just get over it Rae.

SIDE LINE GOAL - Go off sugar until June 5th. This means giving up my #2 weakness - Apple Beer.

It's only for 3 months, it's only for 3 months, it's only for 3 months....


Alison said...

I'm so impressed. I too love the 5am hour all to myself. I just can't wait to get this baby out and be able to use it for getting back in shape.

Kelly said...


Britt said...

Way to go. I like routines but I don't think I could do what you do. Especially sugar. Sugar and I just go together. Speaking of which, I think I'll make some cookies tonight!

leadatortilla said...

You go girl. You keep me motivated. And that "no sugar" thing is beyond me. I keep thinking I'll give it up for a day. I haven't made it yet. I'm sure it would change my life - but I feel like such a WUS (how do you spell that?).

Jen T said...

Way to go Rachael!!! Good for you! That is awesome!

Carleton & Robyn said...

Way to go. I think it's important for our kids to see us set and achieve goals. Keep up the good work.

Erin said...

You are insane woman! But, I hope it works for you and you reach your goal. After the ride you should buy an entire case of Apple Beer from Costco to celebrate.